Aim & objectives

Our aim

Put simply, the aim of the Maypole Trust is to “maintain the tradition of the Barwick-in-Elmet Maypole for the enjoyment of current and future generations“.


Maintaining this tradition involves the general upkeep of the Maypole itself and the organisation of the triennial Maypole festival. As such, a number of objectives need to be fulfilled:-

1. General upkeep

  • To ensure the Maypole is properly maintained from both a practical and aesthetic perspective.
  • To ensure that any reports of damage are investigated and addressed.
  • To ensure that the Maypole complies with health and safety regulations.

2. Triennial festival

  • The administer and oversee the lowering of the Maypole on Easter Bank Holiday.
  • To administer and oversee the raising of Maypole on Spring Bank Holiday.
  • To administer the public meeting (within 6 weeks of the of the maypole raising).


The nature of the festival means that most tasks need to be completed every three years. There are also a number of ongoing commitments however, and The Maypole Trust committee continues to meet in none festival years (albeit on a less regular basis). Below are just some of the jobs that are carried out by the Trust and its many volunteers (to whom we are extremely grateful).

Ongoing tasks

  • General Maypole maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations
  • Organisation of commitee meetings
  • Maypole newsletter and communication
  • Website administration
  • Management of press enquiries
  • Safe storage and protection of Maypole Trust Assets
  • Adherence to compulsory regulations

Annual tasks

  • Preparation of company accounts
  • Submission of company accounts and annual return to Companies House
  • Submission of documents to HM Revenue & Customs
  • Payment of annual bills

Triennial tasks

Taking down the pole

  • Preparation of Maypole resting place
  • Organisation of crane hire and permits
  • Lowering of the Maypole by crane
  • Removal of splice, garlands and fox weather vane
  • Inspection
  • Traffic management

Preparation of the festival area (Hall Tower Hill)

  • Removal of the sheep
  • Clearance of shrubs and debris
  • Grass mowing
  • Erection of a stage and decorations for the Maypole Queen
  • Erection of the school maypole
  • Erection of marquees
  • Subsequent disassembly and removal of all equipment
  • Litter clearance

Maypole refurbishment

  • Preparation and re-decoration of the maypole
  • Repair or replacement of damaged sections
  • Replacement of the complete pole where necessary
  • General maintenance
  • Risk assessment and safety inspections


  • Removal of the outgoing garlands
  • Sourcing of replacement materials (including bells and ribbons)
  • Preparation of new garlands
  • Parading the garlands
  • Installation of the replacement garlands

Craft market

  • Promoting the street craft market
  • Hiring of stall tables and awnings
  • Administering of stall bookings and locations
  • Collection of fees and payments
  • Liaison with local suppliers and artists
  • Liaison with local traders
  • Obtaining local council trading permits


  • Liaison with local individuals and organisations
  • Sourcing of suitable vehicles (including tractors and trailers)
  • Decoration of the floats
  • Sourcing of local bands and majorettes
  • Traffic management

Maypole dancing

  • Liaison with the headmaster and staff at the school
  • Presentation to local school children
  • Supply and delivery of the school maypole and ribbons

Maypole ceremony

  • Organisation of crane hire
  • Raising of the maypole by crane
  • Ticket sales
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Design, printing, design and sale of a commerative programme
  • Organisation of event insurance
  • Consultation with local police

Crowd management

  • Hire and supply of necessary health and saftey equipment
  • Installation and removal of crowd safety barriers
  • Organising road closure permits and parking restrictions
  • Organisation of a PA system
  • Car parking arrangements
  • Marshalling


The maypole and triennial maypole festival offer the village and its residents a number of benefits, the importance of which should not be underestimated:-

  • A unique landmark popular with both locals and visitors
  • Additional revenue for businesses including local stores, artists and craftsmen
  • An awareness and fundraising opportunity for local organisations
  • A lesson subject for local teachers and school children
  • The opportunity for local children to participate in a procession and maypole dancing
  • An opportunity to meet and socialise with fellow villagers
  • An opportunity to participate in voluntary work
  • Improved perception of the village by residents and visitors
  • Enhanced awareness of the importance of Hall Tower Hill (historic iron age earth works)
  • A sense of community spirit
  • An interesting talking point
  • Great memories for all those involved (especially children)

Barwick Beer Festival

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