Press coverage

The Barwick-in-Elmet maypole festival has attracted plenty of attention from the press over the years, and we’ve posted a selection of recent on-line articles in this section. If you are aware of any additional on-line press coverage, please let us know. Please send us the details using the contact form (and if possible include a link to the site where the article appears) and we will endeavour to include the story on the site.

Please note that some of the articles featured may be inconsistent or contain inaccuracies (the height of the maypole being one example). We would positively encourage journalists to contact the Trust committee directly with any questions (using the contact form).

A wealth of maypole information is also available on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


On the web

As well as getting Press coverage, the Barwick Maypole Festival also features on a number of other websites:-

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 Events in Leeds
 Voluntary Action Leeds



Barwick Beer Festival

The next Barwick Beer Festival is on Saturday 17th October 2015.
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