Race Night Runners!

Don’t forget our Race Night is on Saturday 31st March at the Black Swan in Barwick at 7.30PM. Tickets are not required and admission is free (just turn up!).

How it works

A few people have been in touch to let us know that they have never been to a race night, and don’t know how it works… if this is you, don’t worry, as everything will be explained when you get there. Whilst it may seem a little complicated, it really isn’t… but in the meantime, here’s a brief explanation:-

Simply choose a race, select your horse and decide the amount you want to bet!

1. We will be running 9 races in total, and there are 8 horses in each race.
2. You can place a bet on any horse in any race (or multiple horses in multiple races).
3. If your horse wins, you claim your share of the winnings.
4. The more people that place bets (and the higher the value of each bet)… the higher the winning payouts.
5. We will take the winning horses from the previous 8 races to create the 9th race (an ‘auction’ race).
6. All 8 horses are offered up for auction… the person who bids the most, becomes the horse’s new owner.
7. The new owner of the winning horse in race 9 takes ALL of the winnings!

All of the races take place on video screens, so everyone can watch and cheer on their favoured horse … and as well as the racing, we will also be holding a raffle, prizes for the best dressed race couple, and offering ‘Sausage & Mash’ to race-goers for just 99p!

Horse Sponsors

As part of our fundraising we have been looking for sponsors for each horse. Each sponsor paid £3 to become the owner of a horse. If their horse wins the race, they will receive a bottle of bubbly, and an owners race cap! Thanks to the generosity of the local community, all 64 horse have now been sponsored. For added excitement, sponsors are of course free to bid on any horse (including their own) in any of the first 8 races.

List of Runners

We are delighted to bring you a full list of runners (and owners) below. Thanks again to everyone who sponsored a horse!

Race 1
1. Silly Billy – Neil Stagg
2. Hi Ho Silver – Dan Hampshire
3. You Bet – Mary Vipond
4. Aussie White – Barry Vipond
5. The Magician – Mark Edwards
6. Reet Petite – Katy Horkan
7. Sweet Sixteen – Nigel Rostron
8. Wonkey Donkey – Ian Quarmby

Race 2
1. Red Rum – Colin
2. Juicy Lucy – Pam
3. Ten Bellies – Brigida
4. Scally Wag – Geoff
5. Bizzy Lizzy – Stacey
6. The Drunk One – Helen
7. Bend Over – Steve
8. Bursting to Go – Andy

Race 3
1. Tikka Masala – Lucie Glover
2. Init2winit – Mark Newby
3. Teachers Pet – Lou Ward
4. More More More – Georgia Ward
5. Skint Again – Tom Croft
6. Mines a Pint – Rob Bradley
7. Golden Balls – Charlotte Moss
8. Mr Wonderful – Rob Bradley

Race 4
1. Quick Flash – Nigel Rostron
2. Donkey – Daniel Leadbeater
3. Lucky – Mark Whelan
4. Colour Blind – Clive
5. Speeding Fine – Nick Swales
6. Super Stud – Jamie Swales
7. Topless Dancer – Ben Sherrard
8. Tax Evader – Mark Pennells

Race 5
1. Puss in Boots – Claire Strafford
2. Woody & Buzz – Neil Stagg
3. Darts & Dominos – Dan Hampshire
4. Cops n Robbers – Ian Ashworth
5. Flash Harry – Clive
6. Everybody Out – Alan Crabtree
7. Run out of Juice – Georgia
8. Dick & Dom – John Beaumont

Race 6
1. Constipated – Oliver Tumilty
2. Ant & Dec – Lucy Tumilty
3. Top Cat – Emma Thompson
4. Chocaholic – Gary Thompson
5. Snailpace – Craig Tumilty
6. Angel Delight – Daisy Tumilty
7. Short Measure – George Thompson
8. Startime – William Thompson

Race 7
1. Loser – Dan Gire
2. Under Par – Julie Fergusson
3. Silver Streak – Albert Fergusson
4. I will if you will – Jean Fergusson
5. Ugly Chops – Dan Gire
6. Miss World – Auntie Izabela
7. Underpaid – Paul Fergusson
8. Mr Ed – Kath Bullock

Race 8
1. I’m The Boss – Lisa Haigh
2. It’s In The Net – Daz Appleyard
3. The Two Nuns – Sally Hardy
4. Strike It Lucky – Lee Haigh
5. Me Giro’s Late – Den
6. Sure Thing – Richard
7. Never Lost Yet – Mo
8. Without A Doubt – Diane Fasihi

Race 9
An auction race… horses will be offered to the highest bidder on the night!

Remember, the more people that turn up, the more bets that are placed, and the higher value of each bet, the more there is to be won! We do hope you will come along and support this event… and who knows? you could end up leaving with more cash than you arrived with!

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