Recycle your old mobile

Go green whilst supporting the Trust!

Do you have an unwanted mobile phone hidden away in a drawer or cupboard? If the answer is ‘yes’… then maybe you keep wondering what to do with it? Let us make it easy for you, by suggesting you donate it to the Maypole Trust!

In doing so, you can clear out your clutter, help your local charity, do your bit for the planet, and potentially help someone less fortunate in a developing country!

Any make, any age, any condition

We will accept any phone, of any age, in any condition! As a general rule, the newer the better (most handsets under 5 years old have some value)… but don’t worry if your phone is older, as we can arrange for it to be recycled for free! It doesn’t matter if you have discarded the box and instruction manuals either (or have misplaced the charger)… as these are not essential.

Working phones

If your handset is in working order, it will be refurbished and shipped to a developing country where it will either be resold or donated to less fortunate people (who would not normally be able to afford a phone).

Broken phones

If your handset is no longer working, attempts will be made to repair it. If it cannot be repaired, it will be dismantled and (where possible) individual parts will be reused. The parts which can’t be reused will be disposed of in a environmentally friendly way.

Donating your phone is easy

Simply pop your handset into a padded envelope, and post it to:-

Phone Recycling Scheme
Barwick-in-Elmet Maypole Trust
3 Maypole Mews
LS15 4PE

100% of the funds received will be donated directly to the Barwick-in-Elmet Maypole Trust.

Free collection

If you live locally (within a 5 mile radius if Barwick-in-Elmet) please contact Mark or Shelly on 0113 2811078 and we will arrange to collect your handset for free.


Please do not dispose of your handset in your domestic waste. Mobile phone components contain toxins which need to be recycled responsibly using the correct facilities.

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