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Maypole ‘memory bank’

We are in the process of compiling the ‘memory bank’… an online repository of all things maypole (which we plan to make accessable to everyone via this site). This will include photos, paintings, movies and documents. This is very much a community project, and will not be possible without your help. We would love to see your pictures, hear your stories and read your press clippings. Can you help us with any of the following?


We would very much like see to your photos of the maypole festival. Age, condition and resolution is unimportant (as we may be able to enhance, repair or digitise your old images). Hard copies can be scanned and returned where necessary. We can accept photos in any format:-

  • Website images (e.g. Picasa, Flickr)
  • Digital (e.g. jpeg/raw/psd)
  • Black & white and colour prints
  • Polaroids
  • 35mm slides/negatives


We are very much hoping to develop a movie gallery, and we are especially keen to find a lost BBC film from 1954. We can currently accept movies in the following formats:-

  • Website movies (e.g YouTube, Vimeo) – simply send us a link to the appropriate page
  • Digital (e.g. mpeg, AVCHD, avi)
  • VHS
  • DVD

We do not yet have the ability to convert cine movies etc, but would still like to hear from you if you have any old film reels (edited or otherwise). Again condition is not necessarily important, as we may be able to make arrangements to enhance, repair or digitise these at a later date.

Press clippings

We would like to receive any old newspaper clippings you may have. The Barwick-in-Elmet Historical Society has a range of old newspaper clippings in the archive (which we will be adding soon). Don’t be worried if you think we will already have a copy of your article… we would far rather receive duplicates than risk losing a valuable piece of local history. Again, condition is not important as once digitsed, damaged, faded or yellowed articles can often be restored to their original glory. We can accept the following formats:-

  • Website articles – simply send us a link to the appropriate page
  • Digital (e.g. jpeg, pdf)
  • Old newspapers and magazines (complete or cuttings)
  • Scrapbooks

Sketches and paintings

Do you own any sketches or paintings of the maypole? Whether you’ve kept a few old crayon pictures your 5 year old son or daughter drew at school, or you have a valuable watercolour by a local artist… we would like to hear from you! Your images can be scanned or photographed and returned. If the artwork is too large (or too valuable) to be removed, we would be happy to organise for a photographer to come to your premises.

Sound recordings

We’re doubtful that there are any sound recordings that capture the maypole festival, however we would love to be proved wrong! Maybe you still have an old cassette recording of some radio coverage? or perhaps you sat in Hall Tower Hill with a ‘reel to reel’ in the 1960’s? Whatever you have, please let us know. Modern audio software enhancement can often enhance old sound recordings beyond recognition (and where a recording can not be rescued, we can possibly arrange for transcripts to be made) If you have an older recording, please let us know as we may be able to arrange for it to be digitised. We can currently accept the following formats:-

  • Digital (e.g. mp3)
  • CD
  • Cassette tape


Do you own any maypole memorabilia? If so, we would love the opportunity to take a scan or photo of this. The more curious the item better!

Stories & anecdotes

So you don’t have any photos, movies, press clippings, sketches, sound recordings, or memorabilia? Don’t think that means that we don’t want to hear from you (in fact its quite the opposite!). Some of the most valuable material for the ‘memory bank’ will be personal recollections and stories. Do you have an amusing story to tell? Or perhaps a simple anecdote? It doesn’t matter how long or short your story is. We’d love to hear it and share it with the rest of the community. We are happy to accept stories in the following formats

  • Via the have your say page
  • Via the contact form
  • Via e-mail
  • Handwritten
  • Typed
  • Digital image (e.g. doc, pdf, jpeg)
  • Digital sound recording (e.g. mp3)
  • On cassette/CD
  • Verbally… in one of the local public houses!

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